A cool way to spice up your drum loops - including free samples!

You’ve probably noticed it while listening to or making music, most drum loops that come out of sample packs are boring as hell. Many producers just drag a drum loop out of a sample pack into their track and don’t process the thing at all. If you want your tracks to stand out from the others this is the article for you! With the help of a cool plugin called VahallaFreqEcho we are gonna create exciting new effects! At the end I got a cool free download for you to instantly apply what you’ve learned in this article. Lets begin!

Overview of the plugin.

A cool way to play with your drum loop is to put a delay effect on it.


In this example I’m gonna use the cool, free Vahalla Freq Echo (get it for free here)


Vahalla describes the plugin itself as ‘Bode-Style Frequency Shifter + Analog Echo Emulation’.


Let’s begin with a short explanation of the plugin

The mix button arranges is how much of the effect is applied.


The delay button arranges after how much time the effect starts working.


The shift button is where you can set which frequencies you want to be modulated.


The feedback button lets you choose how strong the effect is.


The low and high cut button let you chose where you want to apply the effect in the frequencies.


So there are few cool uses of this plugin on your drum loops.


For this example I’m gonna use a drumloop out of the Producers Jumpstart bundle.


In this example we are gonna look at three settings.


Let’s begin with the first:


Setting 1 : An 'outer space' drumloop

The first setting is a setting that creates a nice ‘outer space’ effect. These are the settings:

A sound example:

Setting 2: Playing with automation

This setting needs some automation, to create a cool feedback loop.


This effect is cool to use in your intro, where the main elements of the track (a synth for instance) are not playing yet


These are the settings and the automation:

This is how it will sound:

Setting 3: Just a little bit of echo

In the previous two examples we’ve used the effect very prominently in the mix.


This example uses a bit less of the effect, but we still get some spice out of it.


These are the settings:


And this is how it will sound:


In this article I gave you some idea’s to spice up your drum loops using the cool Valhalla Freq Echo plugin. Now I encourage you to try the plugin out for yourself! If you want some free samples to experiment with, be sure to check out my free sample pack. 


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