Free Plugin Shoutout - Easy Reverb

In this article we’ll take a look at a great free reverb plugin : Easy Reverb. After reading this article you’ll know what the plugin can do and how to use it to get great sounding reverbs. Let’s begin!

EasyReverb is a algorithmic Reverb. An algorithmic reverb uses an algorithm to produce sounds, in contrast to a convolution reverb, which uses actual sound fragments. You can read more on reverb and the basic types of reverb here. So, let’s take a look at the basic layout of the plugin first.

EasyReverb Plugin

Knobs explained

The pre-delay knob arranges when the reverb begins. If you set this knob to zero, the reverb will immediately start playing. 


The time button is the decay. This knob determines how long the reverb goes on.


The wet and the dry button organize how much of the reverb signal comes actually trough. If you set the wet button to 100% and the dry button to 0% you’ll be left with nothing more then the reverb signal. This works the other way around too.


Then the space, and the surface. The space button let you choose which kind of room the reverb tries to emulate. I wrote an article on basic reverb types earlier, you can read it here. The surface button lets you choose how the space is designed (and thus how the echo returns).


The space accent and surface accent knobs let you choose how dominant the effect of the chosen settings is.


The stereo button lets you decided where in the stereo mix the reverb will be applied.



Sound examples

To demonstrate what this plugin can do I took some samples out of the Producers Jumpstart sample pack bundle and processed them with the Easy Reverb plugin. I’ll let you hear the dry sample first, and then the sample with the reverb on. These were the results:


In this article we looked at the EasyReverb plugin. I gave you a quick overview and three sound examples. I wish you a lot of fun playing with this plugin. Thanks for reading!

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