Does my production ever gonna sound professional?

After five years of ghost producing and meeting producers that are just starting out, this is the complaint I hear the most.  You probably recognize this complaint. And you probably also already know what’s the key to a professional sounding production:

YOUR mixing choices are the thing that separates your track from sounding like a amateur to sounding like a pro. Making GOOD mixing choices are the thing you need to get better at.

You’ve spent COUNTLESS hours watching YouTube tutorials, applying the knowledge, and you still don't seem to get anywhere

You’ve played endlessly with your volumes, Eqing every instrument like you think you should, compressing the shit out of every mixer chain. And still, your track doesn’t sound like the tracks you hear on streaming services.


Maybe you’re already been at the point where you thought that you never in a trillion years are gonna achieve a professional sounding mix.

You honestly don’t know if you even have the talent to become a great producer

Even tough you’ve watched videos of professional producers creating tracks within hours. Taking courses and buying expensive plugins.


You still don’t know how to make the right choices. You apply things you’ve seen in the videos.

You unconsciously ignore the fact that each record requires a different treatment.


I have news for you: You won’t get a great sounding mix from just copying what you’ve seen professional producers do.


Sure, sometimes it will work, but it will never get you to the point you want.


You know why?


Because you don’t get great sounding mixes from using little tricks.


You can’t learn how to achieve a great mix from a 3 minute Youtube video. 


That’s because:


You don’t get professional sounding mixes by applying tricks, you get professional sounding mixes by understanding mixing.

What’s the biggest difference between a great sounding banging mix that your friends and family love and one that just sounds nice?

Is it the expensive plugins you use?    NO!


Is it the high end professional studio equipment that only millionaires can afford?  NEVER!


Is it putting countless hours in producing the track itself? You are WASTING your time!

The truth is

Achieving a great sounding mix does not stand on its own. It’s the combination of knowledge, trained ears and experimenting. A great sounding mix is achieved by these three things.

Or to put in other words

It’s all in your unique, individual process. Your own, unique taste in music combined with the skills and knowledge you’ve gained trough experience and learning from good, experienced teachers.


My experience is that it takes producers years before they create tracks they are actually satisfied with.

Years? Isn't there a faster way?

I’m 100% certain that you want to create tracks that you are satisfied with yourself RIGHT NOW.


I’m 100% certain that if you were given the skill to produce great sounding tracks right now, you would take that opportunity RIGHT NOW.



All the basic rules and knowledge you need to get a GREAT sounding, PROFESSIONAL sounding mix.

This is not a overpriced expensive eBook that teaches you some EQ tricks.


This eBook gives you all the necessarily knowledge and guidelines you need to create a professional sounding mix.  All the information boiled down to the essence.


No unnecessary stupid ‘expert’ tricks that only sound good on one record. No, this is all you need to produce a great record. All the basic rules and knowledge you need.


Every tool gets explained in a simple way.


Every rule gets explained in a simple way.


Anyone can follow along.

This Ebook guides you, aspect to aspect, to explain every single aspect of achieving a great sounding mix.

From the starting your track to finishing your track, this Ebook gives you the knowledge you need.


The Ebook learns you a no nonsense, easy and effective  approach to mixing — cut free from all the unnecessarily BS other Ebooks are selling. Very little is left to the imagination. Thank heavens.


And better:


When you follow the mixmaster approach, you’ll find that you can save a lot of time. Time you can spent on producing even more music!


Create the basis of your next track within minutes. You can spend more time on the creative process and won’t be bothered by the endlessly tweaking your mixer chain. The best part is:


You can trust everything you learn because it’s directly derived from years of teaching other producers.

Learn from a skilled ghostproducer and producer coach

Meet your instructor!

Peter has been a ghost producer for five years now. Besides his music production he spent countless hours in the studio, coaching new producers on their way to their very first hit.


Students have described Peter’s approach to mixing as an effective, no BS guide to create professional sounding tracks.

What you'll learn


In the first part, every basic tool you'll need will get explained.

We’ll have a quick rundown of all the important tools in mixing. You’ll learn how to monitor your track with meters, when to use what plugin and get all the information you need to know about these tools. For every tool you need there is a link to a free plugin inside the book. That way you don’t have to make extra costs using the mix master method.


In the second part you'll get the basic rules for a great mix

Every track is different, you’ll learn how to analyze what your track needs, and get a frame work to achieve what you want. Further more you get five cheat sheets you can keep near you desk while producing.

This Ebook guides gets you results!

This ebook is free of all the bullshit that is scattered on the internet about mixing records.

It contains all the information you need to know.


And the beautiful thing is:


The book contains less then 20 pages.


This is literately a shortcut.


In addition, you get cheatsheets where you can always look back on exactly what you have to do to make your track sound fantastic.

Start creating professional sounding tracks for an unbelievably low price

If you’d take a mixing and mastering course on a production school you’d pay about 500 euros on average.


If you’d book a private coaching session with me you’d pay 100 euros for one session of an hour.


This book is the result of courses and coaching for which students have paid the absolute top prize.


But that’s not what this book is gonna cost.


This book is aimed at people who are ready to create great sounding tracks. And frankly, i guess that’s you.


That’s why I want to make the threshold as low as possible, and I’m doing something that many people will call me crazy for. This book costs only ten euro or dollar.


This is one of the few times you can get a no-brainer like this.


I’ll probably raise the price in the future.


But for now,


I want to get you on board.


I want you to start producing great tracks.


I’ve put all my effort in giving you the helping hand, you just have to take it.

Only €10 or $10

Check out safe!

All the payments go trough the stripe platform.

Not satisfied?

Get a refund up till 14 days after the purchase!

Tracks made by students:

This are some tracks made by students of the mix master method, they’ve applied the mix master principles and produced these tracks:

If you want your tracks to sound like this, the mix master method will definitely help!

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