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Do you know what's the secret to making a Hit Song? ​

A lot of people are convinced it’s

Nothing could be further from the truth.


The real secret to producing a hit song is your sample selection.


That’s why if you think about global chart hits like:


“Animals” by Martin Garrix, “Memories” by David Guetta, “Exchange” by Bryson Tiller, “Wake Me Up” by Avicii, or “Don’t start now” by Dua Lipa…


The first thing you notice, consciously or subconsciously, is how the track sounds.


The producers which made those tracks have been have been super specific about their sound choice.


That means without a super specific choice on your sounds, your chances of making a banger are basically zero.

So, how do you pick the right sounds?

The problem most producers have: they don’t have a good sample library to fall back on. And if the sample library is good, then the sample library in most cases does not have enough sounds.

Until now there were only 2 options:

Now those 2 options require both a lot of time, and they distract producers from what they really want to do: create good tracks.


So what Producers really need is a sample libary that has (1) good sounds and (2) enough good sounds to make sure that you don’t end up using the same sounds over and over.

This is the final solution: Producers Jumpstart Sample Libary

Never, Ever, Waste time on sound design again. 

Regardless of how long you’ve been producing you’ll be able to produce pro-level tracks instantly.

These are the sounds that

Over 1800 professional sounding samples that will take your tracks from sounding amateur to pro.

What producers say

Do you want your tracks to sound like this?

If you've never had this problem,
you are not a producer

Every producer knows this situation. You get a idea, rush to your computer and when the music making program opens they can’t find the sound they need to have. When they finally find the sample, the inspiration is gone. Doh! The Producer Jumpstart bundle delivers over 1800 high quality samples usable in any music making software. Your next track starts and ends with the sounds out of the producers jumpstart sample bundle.

Whats Featured

Boom trap Sample Pack. Royalty Free Samples. Get your Boom Trap sample pack here.

Boom Trap Sample Pack

5 Pitched 808’s (64 samples in total)

100 Top Kicks.

100 Claps.

100 Hihats.

100 Snares.

100 Hihats.

50 Crashes.

50 Percussion Noises.

10 Flutes.

10 Flute Midi’s.

15 Melody Loops.

15 Melody Midi’s.

10 Piano Loops.

10 Piano Midi’s

10 Pluck Loops

10 Pluck midi’s

10 Ambience Sounds

5 String Sections

5 String Midi’s

Tech House Sample Pack. Royalty Free Samples. Get your Tech House sample pack here.

Tech House Sample Pack

  • 50 Kicks
  • 50 Claps
  • 50 Snares
  • 50 Crashes
  • 20 Hihats
  • 16 Bassloops
  • 21 Beam sounds
  • 10 Buildup Loops
  • 10 Downlifters
  • 22 Drum Loops (125 BPM)
  • 16 House piano loops (125BPM)
  • 50 Percussion sounds
  • 10 Synth Loops (125 BPM)
  • 11 Uplifters
Cinematic Construction Kit Sample Pack. Royalty Free Samples. Get your Cinematic Construction Kit Sample Pack here.

Cinematic Construction Kit

6 construction kits for cinematic breaks, this sample pack is exclusive to this bundle and can’t be bought separately.

Big Room House Sample Pack. Royalty Free Samples. Get your Big Room House sample pack here.

Big Room House Sample Pack

 50 Top Kicks.

50 Reverb Snares.

50 Reverb Claps.

30 Reverb Crashes.

20 Rides.

20 Drop Synth Loops.

10 Brass Leads.

10 Pluck loops.

20 Uplifters

20 Downlifters

Techno Sample Pack

Techno Sample Pack

60 Techno Reverb Kicks

50 Top Kicks.

60 Claps

50 Snares

50 Hi hats

50 Crashes

10 Tribal Loops 130 BPM

10 Beats 130 BPM

10 Synth Loops 130 BPM

5 Synth Loops 138 BPM

13 Reese Synths

6 Bass Loops 130 BPM

10 Bass Loops 138 BPM

12 Arp Loops 130 BPM


How this works

Step 1

Download the samples. All the samples are delivered in the .WAV format. The .WAV format is supported by almost any audio editing program.

Step 2

Secondly: Drag and drop the samples into your favorite audio editing program

Step 3

Thirdly: Have fun creating your next banger in almost no time

Why this sample pack?​

Easy to use

Drag and drop into your favorite daw. Samples are delivered in the WAV format, which almost any DAW supports

Endless possiblities

Over 1800 samples. Professional quality. Never, ever struggle to find good drums, synths and basses again.

Refund Policy

We are so convinced these samples will be useful to you that you can refund 30 days after payment. No questions asked


You can use these samples to produce music, create new samples yourself or if you are in a funny mood: flush them down the toilet 😉

Yes you can! Up to thirty days after purchase you can get a full refund. No questions asked!

The .WAV format is one of the highest quality formats that is supported by almost any digital audio editing program.

Yes! The samples are royalty free and that means that you can use them in a commercial track.

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